How to Open Floor Outlet Cover

Knowing how to open a floor outlet cover is important for various reasons. First and foremost, proper electrical safety requires that any work you do on an electrical wall or floor box be performed with the power turned off. This means you need access to the wiring inside to turn the power off at the circuit breaker before beginning any repair or installation work.

How to Open Floor Outlet Cover

The advantages of opening floor outlet covers are that they provide an aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive way to cover and protect the electrical outlets in your home. Unlike standard wall plates, which can be bulky and intrusive, floor outlet covers blend seamlessly with the surrounding décor.

Floor outlet covers also provide a secure seal against moisture and bugs, helping to keep dust and debris from entering your home. In this blog post, You will learn in detail how to open floor outlet cover.

Step-by-Step Processes for How to Open Floor Outlet Cover

Step 1: Inspect the Outlet Cover

Before attempting to open the floor outlet cover, inspect it closely. Look at the shape of the cover and note how it is held in place. Most covers are rectangular and have two screws on either side to secure them. There may also be a latch or other securing device on the side or back of the cover plate.

Step 2: Remove The Screws

Remove the screws from either side of the outlet cover plate using a screwdriver. Be careful not to damage or strip any of the screws. Remove them with a hand tool and use an electric screwdriver only as a last resort.

Remove the Screws From Either Side

Once all screws are removed, lift up the cover plate to open the floor outlet. With some covers, you may need to use a tool to pry it up gently. If the plate does not come off easily or is resistant, check for any additional screws that may be securing it in place.

Step 3: Remove Wires From The Box

Once the cover plate is removed, carefully remove any wires attached to the box. If there are wire nuts inside, unscrew them and secure them safely before continuing. Inside the outlet box should be two screws that connect it to the floor joist or other support structure. Unscrew these screws using a screwdriver until the box is free from the floor.

Step 4: Remove The Outlet Box

With the screws removed, carefully remove the outlet box from its opening on the floor. Be careful not to damage any wires or connections as you do this. Some boxes may be secured with additional screws that must be removed first. Before opening the box, ensure all wires are disconnected from the inside. If any wire nuts are connecting them, unscrew these first and safely store the wires in a safe place.

Step 5: Open The Box Cover

With all wires disconnected, carefully open the box cover by pressing up on one side and then the other. Depending on the box type, prying it open may require a tool. Once open, carefully remove any additional wires or components that may be inside the box.

Open the Box Cover

With the outlet box opened and all wires disconnected, you can now replace it with a new one. Secure the box firmly in place by screwing it to the floor joist or with a metal bracket that attaches to the walls.

Step 6: Replace The Cover Plate

You can now replace the cover plate with the outlet box securely in place. Secure it with two new screws and ensure all components are connected properly before flipping the switch to test it. If everything works correctly, you have successfully opened the floor outlet cover.

Following these steps, you should be able to open the floor outlet cover safely and easily. Once opened, make sure to check all of the connections and wires before flipping the switch on. With proper maintenance and knowledge, you can ensure that your outlet remains safe and secure for years.

Safety Tips for How to Open Floor Outlet Cover

  1. Ensure the power is shut off before opening a floor outlet cover. This can be done by flipping the circuit breaker, unplugging any cords connected to the outlets, or using a voltage tester to verify that no more electric current is running through.
  2. Wear protective gear such as safety goggles, gloves, and rubber-soled shoes when possible.
  3. Use the appropriate equipment to open the floor outlet cover, such as insulated screwdrivers or nut drivers.
  4. If you need to pry off an old floor outlet cover, use a screwdriver with a flat head or wooden wedge to gently pry it away from the wall without damaging it or injuring yourself.
  5. Watch out for any exposed wires or broken pieces of plastic behind the floor outlet cover. If you are unsure, do not open it, as it could be dangerous and should be handled by a professional.
  6. Take precautions when moving around inside the wall cavity or electrical box. Avoid contact with live wires and use a flashlight to view the area better.
  7. After opening the floor outlet cover, securely store any screws or other parts in a safe place, and remember to turn the power back on when finished.
Watch Out for Any Exposed Wires

Following these safety tips for opening a floor outlet cover can ensure your project is done safely and correctly.

How Do You Open a Floor Outlet Cover?

Opening a floor outlet cover is an easy process that requires only a few steps. First, locate the screws holding the cover in place and unscrew them using a screwdriver. Once they are removed, carefully lift up the cover to reveal the outlets behind it.

If you have trouble lifting the cover, use your fingers or a flathead screwdriver to help pry it up. Be careful not to damage the cover or the outlets while doing this, as they are important safety features. Once the cover is removed, you can access and use the floor outlet for your electrical needs.

When done using the outlet, carefully put the floor outlet cover back in place and screw it in securely so no one accidentally trips over it. This is important to ensure the safety of everyone in the room and to avoid any potential damage from occurring. These easy steps can help you safely and quickly open a floor outlet cover safely and quickly.

Is There a Different Procedure for Opening an Older Floor Outlet Cover? 

If you have an older floor outlet cover, opening it may be different than with newer models. The most common way to open an older floor outlet cover is by using a flathead screwdriver.

Start by inserting the screwdriver’s tip in the gap between the side edge of the plate and its frame. Gently push until you hear a popping sound, and it comes loose. You may need to rotate the screwdriver slightly to ensure the whole plate is free from its frame.

Once you have done this, take the plate off carefully and open it up. There will be two or more screws inside which hold the outlet in place – these must first be unscrewed before attempting to remove the outlet. Be sure to use the right-sized screwdriver for the screws, and be careful not to strip them.

After unscrewing the outlet, you can lift it out and remove it from the floor. Follow this same procedure when putting in a new outlet cover. Once it is securely in place, you can replace all the screws back in their proper positions and turn on the power again.

How Do You Avoid Damaging a Floor Outlet Cover When Opening It? 

Floor outlet covers are designed to protect you and your family from electrical shock. However, if not opened carefully, floor outlet covers can be easily damaged. To avoid damaging a floor outlet cover while opening it, take the following steps:

  • Use a flat-head screwdriver or similar tool to pry open the cover gently. Make sure to insert the tool into a crevice or gap between two sides of the cover rather than applying pressure on any single side.
  • Put something underneath the cover while you are prying it open. This will protect your floor and the outlet cover from scratches and other damage caused by force applied directly to them.
  • Take your time and be gentle. Suppose the cover does not budge after applying a reasonable amount of pressure. In that case, stopping and contacting an electrician or professional who can safely open it without damaging it is best.
Use a Flat-head Screwdriver

Following these steps will help you avoid damaging a floor outlet cover while opening it. Remember, getting in touch with a professional is always a great option if all else fails.

What is the Best Way to Store Unused Floor Outlet Covers? 

Once you have opened the floor outlet cover, it is important to store it properly so it lasts longer and remains in good condition. The best way to store an unused floor outlet cover is to wrap it in a cloth or plastic and place it in a sealed container. This will help protect the cover from dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental elements. It is also important to keep the cover away from sharp objects or rough surfaces that could cause damage.

Store the cover in a cool, dry place to avoid any potential warping or discoloration over time. Finally, for optimal protection and longevity of your floor outlet covers, ensure they are not exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity levels. By storing your unused floor outlet covers, you can help ensure that they remain in good condition and last for years to come.  This will help keep your home safe and looking great.


In conclusion, opening a floor outlet cover is not as difficult as it may seem. Anyone can successfully open their floor outlet cover with the right knowledge and tools. It is important to know the type of cover, locate the screws, and use either an appropriate screwdriver or multi-tool to remove the screws.

The cover should easily come off once the screws have been removed from both sides. With practice and patience, this task can be completed in little time. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to open floor outlet cover. Make Sure the precautionary measures are followed chronologically. 

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