How to Organize Baby Dresser

Being a parent of a little one is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with the endless tasks that come with caring for your baby. One particularly important area to focus on is organizing your baby dresser – after all, an organized space makes good parenting easier!

In this blog post, we’ll take you through how to organize baby dresser in order to make life as easy as possible so that those precious moments spent with your little one are focused more on cuddles than stressful tidying up chores. So let’s get started learning how to organize your baby’s dresser!

How to Organize Baby Dresser

Why Organizing Babby Dresser Is Important?

Organizing your baby’s dresser is important to keep them looking their best and to make sure that they are easily accessible when needed. It is also a great way to store items in an organized manner, making it easier for you or any caregiver to quickly locate items. Organizing can also help save time as you look for what you need when getting your baby ready.

Finally, an organized dresser can help to keep clutter away from other areas of the house. By keeping everything in one place, it is easier to maintain a neat and tidy look throughout the home. All of these reasons make organizing your baby’s dresser essential for any new parents or caregivers.

Organizing a baby’s dresser may seem like an overwhelming task at first, but with some careful planning and creative thinking, it can be done easily and quickly. It is important to choose storage solutions that are both functional and stylish so that you can keep up with all the changes that come with a growing baby!

Before getting started, take some time to plan out how you want to organize the dresser. This will help you have a better idea of what items need to be stored and how much space you will need for them. Then, it is time to get organized!

Organized Dresser Can Help to Keep Clutter Away

What Should Go in a Baby Dresser?

Organizing a baby dresser is an important task that every parent should take on. It’s essential to keep your infant’s clothing and other supplies organized so that you can easily find them when you need them. But with all the different types of items needed for a new baby, it can be hard to decide what goes in a baby dresser.

The most important items to include are onesies, sleepers, socks or booties, mittens, hats, and blankets. These are all essential for keeping your baby warm and comfortable at all times. You may want to separate these items into small drawers in the dresser so that they are easy to locate when needed. Other clothing items such as shirts, pants, and sweaters can also be kept in the dresser.

In addition to clothing, it’s important to keep other essential items organized in your baby’s dresser. Diapers, wipes, creams, lotions, and powder should all have designated spots so that they are easy to access. You may want to use a drawer or bin specifically for these items to keep them separate from the clothing items.

Finally, you may want to store any toys or other items for entertainment in the dresser as well. Small stuffed animals or books make great additions and will help keep your infant entertained while changing clothes or resting in their crib. Keeping all of these items organized in one place will help make life easier for everyone.

10 Methods How to Organize Baby Dresser

Purchase a Dresser With Plenty of Drawers

1. Purchase a Dresser with Plenty of Drawers.

When you are expecting a baby, it is important to start thinking about how you will organize all of their clothes. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase a dresser with plenty of drawers. This will give you plenty of space to store all of your baby’s clothes, and you will be able to easily find what you are looking for when you need it.

While you are shopping for a dresser, make sure it is well-made and sturdy so that it will last for years to come. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune—there are plenty of affordable dressers on the market that will do just fine.

2. Sort Clothes by Size.

Another great way to organize your baby’s dresser is to sort their clothes by size. This will make it easy for you to grab the clothing that your baby needs without having to search through a bunch of different sizes. You can also use this method to keep track of how quickly your baby is growing and which sizes they are outgrowing.

3. Sort Clothes by Type.

In addition to sorting your baby’s clothes by size, you can also sort them by type. This means that you can keep all of the shirts together, all of the pants together, and all the onesies together. This will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and will also help you keep the dresser more organized overall. You can also sort accessories, such as hats, socks, and mittens. This will help you find the right accessory for each outfit quickly.

4. Use Drawer Dividers.

If you want to take your organization one step further, you can use drawer dividers in your baby’s dresser. This will help you keep each type of clothing separate and will make it even easier for you to find what you are looking for. You can purchase drawer dividers at most home goods stores or online.

5. Hang Some Clothes up.

In addition to using the drawers in your baby’s dresser, you can also hang some of their clothes up. This is a great way to save space and to keep certain types of clothing from getting wrinkled or damaged. You can purchase hangers that are specifically designed for babies’ clothing or use regular hangers that have been covered in fabric so that they won’t damage the clothes.

6. Use Baskets or Bins for Smaller Items.

For smaller items such as socks, bibs, or burp cloths, you can use baskets or bins instead of trying to cram them into the drawers. This will free up space in the drawers for other items and will also help you keep these smaller items organized and easy to find. Look for baskets or bins with labels if you want to make organizing even easier. Once you’ve taken everything out, it’s also a great time to go through the items and get rid of anything that’s no longer useful or needed.

You Can Use Baskets or Bins

7. Label Everything.

Labeling each drawer or basket with its contents will make it even easier for you to find what you are looking for when you need something. Adding a label can make the difference between your organization staying intact or not. You can use color-coded stickers, labels, tags, or chalkboard labels to save the day when you are organizing your baby’s dresser.

8. Store Other Essential Items.

In addition to clothing, it’s important to keep other essential items organized in your baby’s dresser. Depending on the size of your dresser, you can store items such as diapers, wipes, and other toiletries in one or two drawers.

For easy access, designate a drawer for each item and label it accordingly. Additionally, you could use small storage containers to hold smaller items like bobby pins and hair ties. With everything organized and labeled, you won’t have to search endlessly for the items you need.

9. Add Toys for Entertainment.

Finally, you may want to store any toys or other items for entertainment in the dresser as well. Small stuffed animals, balls, or other age-appropriate toys can all go in the dresser. Keep these items organized as much as possible and store them in a bin or drawer of their own so they’re easy to access when needed.

Make sure you check the dresser every few months for any toys that your baby may have outgrown and remove them accordingly. This will ensure that the dresser remains organized and clutter-free for as long as possible.

10. Organization Will Make Life Easier.

Keeping all of these items organized in one place will help make life easier for everyone. Having an organized baby dresser helps keep track of all the items needed for baby care. Plus, it will be easier to access diapers, clothes, and bath supplies when they are all in one place. Keeping everything organized also makes it simpler to do laundry and put away clean clothes without having to search through a chaotic mess.

Organized in One Place Will Help Make Life Easier


Having an organized baby dresser can help keep a household running smoothly and efficiently. Creating structure around the infant’s clothing will keep you from spending time stressing over what to wear or looking for pieces they have already outgrown. Fortunately, organizing a baby dresser is easier than ever with the tips outlined in this blog post.

From consolidating drawers and using smaller dividers to adding labeling systems, you have various tried-and-true methods of creating order in the nursery. Additionally, remember that clutter is bound to accumulate regardless of your efforts—particularly if you’re dealing with multiple kids or a newborn. So, there you have it – a quick and easy guide on how to organize baby dresser.

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