How to Move Refrigerator Without Scratching Floor

Moving a refrigerator can be daunting and risky, especially if you lack the right knowledge. Knowing how to move a refrigerator without scratching your floor is essential to prevent any potential damage.

How to Move Refrigerator Without Scratching Floor

Moving a refrigerator is challenging because of its heavy weight and size. The appliance needs to be lifted properly to avoid any mishaps or damages. Not to mention, sliding the refrigerator against a hardwood floor can cause scratches and dents.

One of the advantages of learning how to move a refrigerator without scratching the floor is that you can avoid having to pay for repairs or replacement flooring. Moving a refrigerator improperly can damage your floor, requiring professional repair or replacement. In this blog post, You will learn how to move refrigerator without scratching floor.

Step by Step Processes for How to Move Refrigerator Without Scratching Floor

Step 1: Inspect the Refrigerator

Thoroughly inspect your refrigerator before starting the process, and ensure all parts are working fine. You may need to unplug it from the electrical outlet for safety measures. Cover the floor with heavy-duty furniture pads or blankets to protect it from scratches while moving. Place them in an “X” configuration so that the corners of the refrigerator will have extra protection.

Step 2: Prepare the Refrigerator

Remove all removable shelves, drawers, and items inside the fridge before lifting it out. This will reduce its weight significantly and make moving easier without scratching or damaging anything. Ask a friend or family member to help you move the refrigerator. Having an extra pair of hands can be quite helpful in preventing scratches on both the floor and the fridge.

Remove All Removable Shelves Drawers

Step 3: Lift the Refrigerator

Put on a sturdy pair of gloves and grab onto either side of the refrigerator with your companion’s help. Ensure that you are both lifting simultaneously while keeping your backs straight and legs bent. Once you’ve lifted it, slowly slide it across the floor. If necessary, use furniture sliders to help move it more easily. Don’t forget to check for any refrigerator or floor damage periodically.

Step 4: Secure the Refrigerator

As you move the refrigerator, make sure to keep it secure with your hands. It should never be sliding freely across the floor as this could cause scratches or dents. When maneuvering around corners and tight spaces, don’t drag the refrigerator against any walls or furniture. If necessary, take a few extra steps to ensure no damage is done.

Step 5: Load the Refrigerator into the Truck/Van

Once you are at your destination, use a moving dolly or appliance hand truck to load the refrigerator into a truck or van for transport. Make sure it is properly secured and strapped down before taking off. When you arrive at your destination, carefully unload the refrigerator. Ask a friend or family member for assistance if necessary. Once in place, use furniture pads and blankets to protect the floor and the appliance from scratches.

Load the Refrigerator Into a Truck or Van

By following these steps, you can be sure your refrigerator is moved safely without damaging any floors or walls. Moving a refrigerator may seem intimidating, but with a little preparation and the help of friends or family, it can be done without any problems.

Safety Tips for How to Move Refrigerator Without Scratching Floor

  • Secure all loose items inside/outside the refrigerator before moving them. This includes food and drinks and any removable parts such as shelves, drawers, handles, etc.
  • Ensure the fridge is completely empty and dry before moving it.
  • Lift the refrigerator with someone else to avoid injury or damaging your floor. For extra support, use a dolly or moving straps.
  • Avoid dragging the refrigerator across the floor, as it can leave scratches on your surface.
  • Take caution when going up and down stairs with the refrigerator as this could be hazardous to those involved in the move and also cause damage to your appliance or floors and walls.
  • Cover any doorways or tight spaces with blankets or other protective materials.
  • Remove the doors from your refrigerator before moving it, making it much easier to maneuver in tight spaces.
Lift the Refrigerator With Someone Else

Following these tips will help you move your refrigerator safely and without scratching your floors. You can easily move your refrigerator without any damage with some care and preparation.

Are There Any Special Instructions You Need to Follow When Moving a Specific Brand or Model of Refrigerator?

The best way to protect your floor when moving a specific brand or model of refrigerator is to check the manual. Each manufacturer has different instructions on how to move their appliances safely.

Sometimes, there may be special protocols for lifting and securing the fridge while moving. Pay close attention to these details to ensure you don’t damage the appliance or its parts. Also, remember that some models may require more than one person to move them safely and securely.

In addition, make sure you double-check the dimensions of your fridge before attempting to move it. You’ll need to ensure that you have enough room for it in its new location and that it fits through doorways.

If necessary, you may need to remove the doors from the refrigerator or take apart other components to fit it through tight spaces. If you’re still unsure how to move a specific refrigerator model without scratching your floor, consult an appliance repair professional who can provide additional advice.

Should You Clean or Defrost Your Refrigerator Before Attempting to Move It?  

It is important to clean and defrost your refrigerator before attempting to move it to reduce the risk of damage. The small amount of time taken to clean and defrost your fridge will be worth it when you attempt to move it. Firstly, unplug the unit from its power source. If it has an ice maker or water connection, make sure to disconnect that as well.

Clean out any debris or food items and dispose of them properly. If the fridge has been running for some time, there may be ice buildup on the walls or shelves which should be removed before attempting to move it. Once all areas have been cleaned, allow the refrigerator to defrost completely.

This will minimize the weight you carry and reduce the risk of damage while moving it. You can move it without scratching the floor with a clean and defrosted refrigerator. Using furniture sliders or blankets is an effective method for successfully moving your refrigerator without scratching your floor.

Place furniture sliders underneath the four corners of the fridge before beginning to lift. This will help prevent the fridge from dragging against your floor as you move it. Alternatively, furniture blankets can be used to secure and wrap around the refrigerator before attempting to lift it.

Place Furniture Sliders Under Each Fridge Corner

What Can You Do to Reduce the Risk of Scratching or Damaging Your Floor While Moving the Refrigerator? 

Moving a refrigerator without scratching your floor can be a challenge, especially when you don’t have access to the right equipment. Whether it’s a dolly or furniture sliders, you can take some simple steps to reduce the risk of scratches and damage while moving your fridge.

  • Clear out the refrigerator and move it away from the wall. This will make it lighter and easier to move, giving you access to any cords or hoses behind the refrigerator.
  • Place furniture sliders under each fridge corner for extra mobility and protection against scratches. Make sure the sliders are securely attached before attempting to slide the refrigerator.
  • If you can access a dolly, place the refrigerator on top and secure it with straps or rope for extra stability. A dolly can also make the move easier on your back, as it will help take some of the weight off while you push or pull the fridge across the floor.
  • Push or pull the refrigerator slowly and steadily across the floor. Move slowly to avoid sudden jerks, which can cause scratches or damage.
  • Once you reach your destination, remove the furniture sliders or dolly before attempting to move the refrigerator in place. This will help reduce the risk of scratching the floor while maneuvering it into position.

Following these steps should ensure you can move your refrigerator without scratching or damaging the floor. However, suppose you don’t have access to the right equipment or don’t feel confident moving heavy objects yourself. In that case, it’s best to call in a professional experienced and trained in handling large appliances like fridges.


In conclusion, properly moving a refrigerator without scratching the floor is no easy task. It requires several steps and proper preparation to ensure a successful move. First, it’s important to measure your refrigerator and create or find a path to allow you to maneuver the appliance out of its current position easily. Then, securing the fridge using straps or moving blankets is important so nothing moves during transport.

Finally, use special furniture sliders or carrying handles to help you move the refrigerator without scratching your floors.

Following these steps and with a bit of patience, you can successfully transport your refrigerator without causing any damage to your flooring. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to move refrigerator without scratching floor. Make Sure the precautionary measures are followed chronologically.

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