How to Keep Floors Clean With Dogs

With our furry friends constantly running around and leaving trails of mud, dirt, and hair throughout the house, it can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle to keep floors clean. It can be a challenge to keep your home clean when you have a beloved pup running around, but it doesn’t have to seem impossible.

How to Keep Floors Clean With Dogs

Swooping up dirt and pet hair on the regular is exhausting, but there are simple cleaning tips and tricks that can help make it easier – from selecting the right floor materials for active households to scheduling specific cleaning days each week.

If you’re considering inviting a pooch into your home or if you’re already living with four-legged friends, this post will provide valuable knowledge about how to keep floors clean with dogs of all shapes and sizes! Keep reading to learn more about how to keep your home sparkling even with dogs running wild!

Why Do You Struggle to Keep Floors Clean With Dogs?

1. Dogs Are Active

Living with dogs often means living with dirt, fur, and messes. Dogs are active; they love to play, run around, and explore – all of which can lead to dirt and pet hair on the floor. Additionally, when your pup brings in mud from outside or wet paws after a session in the rain, it’s likely that you’ll deal with water stains and slippery floors. All of these factors can lead to a constant battle between you and your four-legged friends when it comes to keeping the house clean.

2. Dogs Shed Fur

Every single breed of dog sheds fur – from short-haired breeds like Chihuahuas to long-haired Golden Retrievers. This means that pet owners will need to manage their furry friend’s shedding, as it can pose a challenge when trying to keep floors clean. To reduce the amount of fur that is shed around your home, be sure to brush and bathe your pup regularly and invest in lint rollers or pet hair brooms for quick pick-ups!

Things to Remember While Keeping Floors Clean With Dogs

1. Choose the Right Floor Materials

When selecting floor materials for households with dogs, consider environmental factors such as durability and ease of cleaning. Hardwood floors are generally easier to maintain than carpeting because they don’t require vacuuming or steam cleaning, but they can be expensive and susceptible to water damage. Carpeting is much more durable and cost-effective, but it can be difficult to clean and maintain – especially if you have a pup with long hair.

Also, when selecting floor materials for homes with dogs, consider the type of breed that you own. If you live with a short-haired pup, then hardwood floors might be the best option for you. However, if your four-legged friend has long hair then you might want to consider carpeting, as it will help trap more fur and reduce the amount of mess that needs to be cleaned up.

2. Vacuum and Mop Regularly

The key to effectively keeping floors clean with dogs is organization. As mentioned previously, vacuuming or steam cleaning your carpets regularly can help reduce the amount of dirt and pet hair that is spread around your home. Additionally, mopping hardwood floors every week or two can help keep them looking shiny and new – making it easier to pick up dirt and fur as well.

Vacuuming or Steam Cleaning Your Carpets

Required Items for Keeping Floors Clean With Dogs

When it comes to keeping floors clean with dogs, having the right supplies is essential. Here are some items that will help make this job easier:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Hardwood floor mop
  • Pet hair broom or lint roller
  • Steam cleaner (if you have carpets)
  • Damp sponge
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Spot cleaning products (for stains and dirt)

By having these items on hand, you can make quick work out of any mess that your pup might have created. That way, you’ll be able to keep your floors clean with ease – even with your furry friends running around!

How to Keep Floors Clean With Dogs in 10 Steps

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Gather the supplies listed in the section above and make sure to have them nearby whenever you need to do a quick clean-up. Having all of these items on hand will make it easier for you to tackle any messes that your pup might have created!

Step 2: Brush Your Dog Regularly

Regularly brushing and bathing your pup can help to reduce the amount of fur and dirt that is spread around your home. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that their nails are trimmed – as this will prevent scratches on hardwood floors or snags in carpets.

Regularly Brushing and Bathing Your Pup

Step 3: Sweep or Vacuum Floors Often

Sweeping and vacuuming your floors often (at least once a week) will help to reduce the amount of dirt and pet hair that accumulates. This is especially important when you have carpets, as it can help keep them looking fresh and clean for longer periods of time.

Step 4: Mop Hardwood Floors

Mop hardwood floors weekly using a damp mop or sponge. This will help to remove dirt and pet hair that may have been missed by sweeping and vacuuming. Additionally, it’s a good idea to use cleaning products specifically formulated for hardwood floors – as they are designed to protect against water damage.

Step 5: Spot Clean as Needed

If your pup has left muddy paw prints or tracked in dirt, it’s important to spot clean as soon as possible. Use cleaning products that are specifically designed for carpets and upholstery – as they can help prevent further damage and make your floors look new again.

Step 6: Use Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are great for picking up pet hair and dirt from hardwood and tile floors. They are also reusable, which makes them a great option for any pet owner who wants to keep their floors clean with minimal effort – as you won’t need to constantly buy new cleaning supplies!

Step 7: Place Mats at Entries

Placing mats at all of the entries into your home can help reduce the amount of dirt and pet hair that is brought in. Additionally, it’s a good idea to make sure that these mats are regularly washed – as this will help keep them from becoming overly dirty or smelly.

Step 8: Use a Dry Mop

Using a dry mop (which can be found at most home stores) is a great way to pick up any last bits of dirt and pet hair before they get tracked through the house. It’s also a good idea to use a dry mop in between regular mopping – as this will help keep floors looking shiny and new for longer periods of time.

Using a Dry Mop

Step 9: Reward Your Dog

It’s important to reward your pup for being a good housemate. Doing so will help to reinforce positive behaviors – such as not tracking dirt or fur into the home – and teach them that cleanliness is important.

Step 10: Have Fun!

The most important step of all is to have fun with your pup! Keeping floors clean can be a chore, but it’s also a great opportunity to bond with your furry friend and build a stronger relationship. So, don’t forget to take time out of your cleaning routine to enjoy each other’s company!

Following these steps can help make keeping floors clean with dogs less of a hassle – so you can spend more time enjoying the companionship of your pup without having to worry about messes!

8 Maintenance Tips

  1. Vacuum the floors as often as possible. Doing so will help keep pet hair and dander from taking over your floors. Make sure to empty the vacuum bag or canister regularly to ensure that it is working properly.
  2. Use a damp mop daily on hardwood, tile, laminate, or other non-carpeted flooring. This will help to keep dirt and pet hair from accumulating and sticking to the floors.
  3. Place mats at all doorway entrances as well as in front of water dishes, food bowls, and beds so that pet paws don’t track dirt throughout the house.
  4. Groom your pets regularly to maintain their coats and reduce shedding.
  5. Give your pets regular baths to reduce the amount of dirt and debris they bring into the home.
  6. Clean up messes quickly, whether it’s spilled water or pet vomit/urine. Doing so will help prevent germs from spreading and causing health problems for both people and pets.
  7. Keep pet dishes in a designated spot to avoid messes and spills throughout the house.
  8. Use floor protectors under pet beds, crates, and furniture. This will help keep dirt and hair from collecting underneath these items as well as prevent scratches on the floors.
Use Floor Protectors Under Pet Beds

These tips can help you maintain your floors with pets in the home and ensure that they stay clean for years to come. Additionally, if you notice an increase in dirt or pet hair on the floors, it might be time to invest in a deep cleaning. This can help to remove dirt and debris that vacuums and mops can’t reach.


Keeping floors clean with dogs requires patience, consistency, and a few helpful tips on how to keep floors clean with dogs. From investing in sheds to using pet-friendly cleaners to repurposing unwanted items as dog toys – when it comes to house training and keeping floors clean with a pup around, every little bit helps.

So don’t worry if your carpet isn’t flawless – you can still coexist peacefully with your furry companion while enjoying the warmth of having them in your life.

After all, they are our best friends who unconditionally love us no matter how often we have to clean up after them! If you take away one message from today’s post, remember that taking the time to engage in the prevention of messes will save you time and energy for those inevitable cleaning sessions. At the end of the day, both you and your canine friend can be satisfied knowing that the floor is spotless!

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