How to Install Double Pocket Doors

Maximizing space and introducing an elegant touch to your interior design, installing double pocket doors offers a seamless way to enhance the flow between rooms while maintaining a sense of privacy when needed. Double pocket doors slide neatly into the walls, opening up a world of possibilities for creating versatile and open living spaces.

How to Install Double Pocket Doors

Whether you’re looking to connect a dining room and living area or create a grand entrance to your home office, understanding the art of installing double pocket doors is essential. From accurate measurements and selecting the right hardware to ensuring smooth operation and a polished finish, this undertaking combines craftsmanship with practicality.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll lead you through the step-by-step process of how to install double pocket doors, empowering you to transform your interior layout and create a harmonious balance between openness and privacy.

What Is Double Pocket Doors and Their Space-Saving Benefits?

Double pocket doors are an efficient way to add style and functionality to any room. They’re made up of two sets of sliding doors that are installed in a wall, creating a pocket space for the doors when they’re open. This space-saving solution allows you to make more use out of tight spaces and can give your home or office a modern look.

Aside from creating an aesthetically pleasing room, double pocket doors come with a number of other benefits. They’re great for conserving energy and keeping noise levels down, as the door prevents sound from traveling through your walls.

Pocket doors also require less space to open than traditional hinged doors, freeing up more floor and wall space in a tight area. Finally, pocket doors are a great way to add convenience and safety, as you won’t need to worry about having bulky door frames in the way or sharp corners protruding from walls.

Now that you have an understanding of why double pocket doors are a great space-saving solution let’s take a look at how to install them!

The Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality of Pocket Doors

Installing double pocket doors can add a lot of aesthetic appeal and functionality to any room, even if the space is limited. Pocket doors are an ideal solution for doorways where there isn’t enough clearance for swinging or sliding doors. Not only do they look great in any home, but they also save valuable floor and wall space while allowing more natural light into the room.

The installation process for pocket doors is straightforward but requires some level of expertise with tools and materials. To begin, you’ll need to measure the width of the opening in which the pocket door will be installed. It’s important to ensure that there is enough space for both halves of the door — typically, a double pocket door requires around 6 inches of additional clearance compared to a single pocket door.

Next, you’ll need to create the “pocket,” or frame, for the double doors. This is done by attaching two tracks — one on each side of the opening — that will hold and guide the pocket doors when they’re opened and closed. You can use screws or nails to attach the tracks securely near the top, bottom and sides of the opening.

Use Screws or Nails

Once the tracks are in place, you’ll need to assemble the doors. If there is a gap between each door, make sure to insert an appropriate weatherstripping material to prevent air or water leaks. After that, you can mount the hardware onto each door and attach them to their respective tracks using rollers and hinges.

10 Methods on How to Install Double Pocket Doors

Measure the Door Frame

The first step in installing a double pocket door is to measure the door frame. Measure the height and width of the frame, as well as the depth of the wall cavity. This will help you determine what size door you need and how much space you have to work with. Additionally, you should also measure any obstructions that may be present in the wall cavity, such as electrical wiring or plumbing pipes.

Cut Out Wall Cavity

Once you have measured the wall cavity, you will need to cut out a section of drywall to create a pocket for your doors. Use a drywall saw or jigsaw to make your cuts, being sure to wear safety glasses and a dust mask when working with drywall. Make sure that your cuts are straight and even so that your pocket doors fit properly into the wall cavity.

Install Track System

The next step is to install the track system for your double pocket doors. This system consists of two tracks that connect at either end of the wall cavity and run along its length and width, allowing for smooth sliding motion between both doors without any binding or sticking points. Be sure to follow all instructions provided with your track system carefully when installing it in order to ensure proper operation of your double pocket doors.

Assemble Doors

Once your track system is installed, it’s time to assemble your double pocket doors themselves. Begin by attaching hinges onto each side of each door panel before connecting them together using screws or nails, depending on what type of hardware was included with your purchase. Once connected together, attach handles or knobs onto both sides so that they can be opened and closed easily from either side of the wall cavity.

 Attach Handles or Knobs Onto Both Sides

Hang Doors in Place

When all pieces are assembled, it’s time to hang them in place within the wall cavity itself using screws or nails depending on what type of hardware was included with your purchase once again. Make sure that each door panel fits snugly into its respective track before tightening any screws or nails securely into place so that they don’t interfere with their movement when opening or closing them later on down the line.

Install Door Stops

Once both doors are hung securely within their tracks, it’s time to install door stops at either end of each one so that they won’t come off their tracks while being opened or closed by anyone who uses them later on down the line. These stops should be installed directly onto each track itself using screws or nails depending on what type of hardware was included with your purchase yet again.

Install Latch Mechanism

Next up is installing a latch mechanism onto one side of each door panel so that they can be locked securely from one side if desired. Depending on what type of latch mechanism you purchased, this could involve drilling holes into one side of each panel before attaching it securely into place using screws or nails once more.

 Drilling Holes Into One Side

Paint/Stain Doors

Finally, if desired, now is also an ideal time for painting or staining both door panels if desired before hanging them back up within their respective tracks once more. Be sure to use paint specifically designed for use on wood surfaces, such as latex-based paint, as this will provide better protection against moisture damage over time than oil-based paints would provide.

Reinstall Doors Into Tracks

With everything finished, all that’s left now is reinstalling both doors back into their respective tracks within the wall cavity itself. Be sure not to overtighten any screws or nails during this process as doing so could cause unnecessary wear and tear over time, leading eventually lead to failure down the line if done too frequently.

Test Operation & Enjoy!

Now comes perhaps one of the most enjoyable steps – testing out how well everything works! Open and close both doors several times while paying attention to any sticking points along their travel path – if any are found, simply make adjustments until everything runs smoothly again before enjoying finally having new double pocket doors installed correctly!

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid

When installing double pocket doors, there are a few common mistakes that should be avoided. First and foremost, it’s important to ensure that the wall cavity is wide enough to accommodate the door without requiring any additional cutting or modifications. Additionally, make sure that the header and track systems are securely anchored and level before hanging the doors.

 Header and Track Systems Are Securely Anchored

When hanging the doors, make sure to hang both doors in the same direction and that each door is perfectly aligned. It’s also important to install double pocket doors within their recommended weight limitations; doors that are too heavy can cause strain on the hardware and may not open or close properly.


Installing double pocket doors requires a special set of skills, tools, and materials. While the job may seem daunting at first, taking your time and being willing to ask for help if need be can make this project a breeze. You’ll also feel an immense sense of accomplishment once your job is done! After completing the installation, you will be rewarded with a modern design that gives your home an updated appeal and functionality.

With basic knowledge on what to do as well as some tips and tricks provided within this article, you should now have all the information you need to figure out how to install double pocket doors in your home. Whether you choose to tackle this project yourself or hire professional help, it is sure to add beauty and convenience to your space!

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