How to Hide Laundry Basket in Bedroom

Do you hate looking at the pile of dirty laundry in your bedroom but don’t have enough space in the closet to hide it away? If yes, then you’re not alone! Many homes lack suitable laundry storage solutions and rely on a hamper or basket that somebody must remember to put away when no-one’s watching.

To help solve this issue, we’re here to provide some creative ideas for how to hide laundry basket in bedroom–without compromising style!

How to Hide Laundry Basket in Bedroom

From covering up an existing laundry bin with cozy quilts and throws or repurposing items like planters and baskets as hidden storage compartments, there are plenty of creative ways for you to tuck those unsightly piles out of sight.

Keep reading for more crafty inspiration on making your bedroom look functional and elegant simultaneously!

What Will You Need?

If you’re looking to hide your laundry basket in the bedroom, you will need the following:

  • A hamper or basket of some kind
  • Quilts and throws (optional)
  • Baskets or planters (optional)
  • Maize baskets (optional)

Once you have the items needed, here are some of the best ways to go about hiding your laundry basket.

10 Easy Steps on How to Hide Laundry Basket in Bedroom

Step 1. Use Quilts and Throws to Cover Up:

One of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your dirty laundry out of sight is by simply covering it up with a few large quilts or throws. This clever solution not only makes your hamper or basket blend in with the rest of your room’s decor but also offers extra seating if and when needed. If you’re looking to take this idea a step further, consider using extra quilts and blankets to make an entirely new piece of furniture.

Step 2. Try a Basket or Planter:

Got baskets or planters lying around? Instead of the traditional laundry bin, why not try using these instead to store your dirty clothes? Not only will they look great as part of your room’s decor, but you can easily move them if you need access to other items that may be stored underneath.

Step 3. Use Maize Baskets:

Another great option for hiding laundry baskets in the bedroom is by using maize baskets. These are ideal as they’re strong, spacious, and have plenty of room to store your items. Plus, they look great in any room! Additionally, maize baskets also come with lids–so you can keep your laundry hidden away from prying eyes.

 Using Maize Baskets

Step 4. Repurpose Furniture:

If you have an old dresser or table that you don’t use anymore, consider repurposing it into a laundry hamper. For extra storage space, you can easily add shelving to the side panels or drawers. Not only will this help keep your clothes out of sight, but it also offers up more room for other items as well!

Step 5. Cover with a Blanket or Sheet:

If you’re out of options, try covering your laundry basket with an old blanket or sheet. This is great for those who don’t want to invest in any extra storage solutions and can easily make your hamper blend in with the rest of the room. Don’t forget to put a few pillows on top for extra comfort.

Step 6. Hang It Up:

If you have enough space around your bed or wall, consider hanging up your laundry bin from pegs. Not only does this save on floor space, it also makes it easier to access and put away dirty clothes when needed. If you’re feeling crafty, why not paint the pegs or add some decorations to make them look even more stylish?

Step 7. Put It Under the Bed:

Finally, if all else fails, why not just tuck it under the bed, not only is this an effective way to hide it away, but it also provides extra storage space for other items you may need later on. Be careful, though, as this option may not be suitable for everyone depending on the size of your bed or how low it sits.

 Just Tuck It Under the Bed

Step 8. Hide It in a Closet:

If all else fails, consider hiding it in your closet! You can simply tuck the basket away behind some of your clothes or create a hanging rack to access and store it easily. You can even add a few extra hooks or shelves to make it part of your decor.

Step 9. Use Laundry Bags:

Why not use large laundry bags to make the most of your laundry basket? Not only can they help keep your dirty clothes sorted, but they can also be used as extra storage if you’re running low on space. Try finding ones with bright colors or patterns to make them look even better.

Step 10. Keep It Out of Sight:

Finally, keep in mind that the best way to hide your laundry basket is by simply keeping it out of sight! If you’re unable to find a suitable storage solution, try tucking it away behind some furniture or in the corner of your room. This will help keep your dirty clothes and laundry bin out of sight while still making it easily accessible when needed.

By following these steps, you can easily hide your laundry basket in your bedroom and maintain an organized, clutter-free space.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. If you have the space, move your laundry basket into a closet or other designated area to keep it out of sight.
  2. Place your laundry basket in a corner or behind a door to easily conceal it.
  3. Consider covering the laundry basket with a decorative blanket or throw to disguise it as a stylish storage basket.
  4. Place the laundry basket inside a decorative trunk or chest, and use it to store other items for easy access when needed.
  5. If you have an attached bathroom, use the space beneath the sink to tuck away your laundry basket in an out-of-sight spot neatly.

With some creativity and organization skills, you’ll easily figure out how to hide your laundry basket in your bedroom!

Figure Out How to Hide Your Laundry Basket

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t place your laundry basket in the middle of the room. This will draw attention to it and make it difficult to hide.
  2. Don’t leave your laundry basket out in plain sight. This defeats the purpose of trying to conceal it.
  3. Avoid placing your laundry basket on a high shelf or other hard-to-reach areas. It should be easy to access when needed without much effort required.
  4. Try not to stack items around the laundry basket, as this can prevent you from easily opening and closing the lid when putting away clothes or taking them out for washing.
  5. Finally, don’t forget what is stored inside; keep all clothing neat and tidy so it remains out of sight.

Following these tips and tricks will help you find the perfect spot to store your laundry basket in your bedroom without sacrificing style or storage space! With a little effort, you can easily master how to hide a laundry basket in the bedroom.

Where Should a Laundry Basket Be Placed in a Storeroom?

The best way to store your laundry basket in a storeroom is to find an area that is out of sight but still easy to access. Consider using the top shelves or higher areas of the room, as this will help keep it from taking up too much valuable floor space.

Additionally, you should also be sure to secure any items on these shelves with straps or other securing items that will prevent them from falling when moving the basket around.

Finally, try organizing and grouping all clothing items together in one section of the storeroom so they are easy to identify and retrieve when needed.

With proper organization and careful placement, you’ll be able to store your laundry basket in a storeroom without difficulty easily.

Store Your Laundry Basket in a Storeroom


In conclusion, finding ways to hide your laundry basket in the bedroom doesn’t have to be a chore. From creative storage solutions like baskets and clutter cabinets to utilizing a steamer trunk or floating shelves over the washer and dryer appliance, there are countless ways to keep that space organized without compromising on style or ambiance.

With these ideas in mind, it’s time to get creative and ensure that your home looks neat and attractive. Why not pull out the fabric scraps or some burlap and sew yourself a stylish cover for your basket? Or find some old vintage bookshelves from a flea market and upcycle them with chalk paint in the perfect shade of grey? There is no limit to how crafty you can get when hiding your laundry basket!

Hopefully, the article on how to hide laundry basket in bedroom helps you to find the perfect solution for your needs. With a little creativity and organization, you can easily ensure that all your clothes are out of sight when not in use. Good luck!

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