How to Cool Off Upstairs Bedroom

Are You Struggling to Keep Your Upstairs Bedroom Cool? If so, you’re not alone—many people find their upstairs bedrooms uncomfortably hot in the summer. Fortunately, you can take steps to keep it cool and comfortable all season long.

How to Cool Off Upstairs Bedroom

The summer heat can be relentless, and the last thing you want is for your bedroom to become an oven. Luckily, plenty of solutions are available to ensure that even those far-reaching upstairs bedrooms remain a cool retreat throughout even the hottest days.

From simple DIY projects using craft supplies like fabric and Styrofoam to larger design elements such as ceiling fans or air conditioning units, we’ll explore how to cool off upstairs bedroom from becoming unbearable when temperatures soar this season. Follow along with us as we dive into some creative ways in which craft supplies can come into play during those hot summer months!

What Will You Need?

Before we dive into how to cool off your upstairs bedroom, let’s look at what you’ll need. From simple tools to more complex items, here is what you should have on hand:

  • Paint or fabric
  • White foam core board
  • Packing tape
  • Aluminum foil
  • Foam insulation
  • Window screens
  • Ceiling fan or air conditioning unit (optional)

When you’re ready to tackle the warm temperatures, these items will come in hand and keep your bedroom as cool as possible. Now let’s dive into how to make it happen!

10 Easy Steps on How to Cool Off Upstairs Bedroom

Step 1. Open the Windows:

The first step is to open the windows and let in some of that cool air. This will help draw out the warm air, which can be trapped in your upstairs bedroom due to its location. If you have screens on your windows, use them to keep bugs or debris from entering the room while still allowing for a breeze.

Step 2. Add Fabric Curtains:

Darker fabrics and colors tend to absorb more sunlight than lighter ones, so hang curtains up over any windows in your room that receive direct sunlight. Not only do they look beautiful, they’ll also keep the sun’s rays from heating your bedroom further. You can also purchase curtains with a thick liner to further protect from the heat.

Hang Curtains Up Over Any Windows

Step 3: Create a “Cool Wall”:

Take a piece of white foam core board and attach aluminum foil to the back side using packing tape. Place the board in front of any windows that receive direct sunlight to reflect it away from your bedroom. This can help keep the room cooler during those hot summer days.

Step 4: Insulate Your Walls and Ceilings:

Adding insulation to your walls and ceilings can help prevent heat transfer from outside, lowering the temperature inside. This is especially important for upstairs bedrooms, which may be more exposed to the sun’s rays due to their location. Additionally, insulation can help reduce noise, making your bedroom that much more peaceful and restful.

Step 5: Install a Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioner:

If you have access to a ceiling fan or air conditioning unit, installing either one of these will go a long way toward keeping your upstairs bedroom cool. They will help circulate air in the room and draw out any of the hot air that accumulates there. Don’t forget to check and change the air filter regularly!

Access to a Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioning

Step 6: Use Ice Packs and Fans:

If you don’t have a ceiling fan or air conditioner, using ice packs and portable fans can still help keep your room cool during those warm summer days. If possible, place an ice pack on the windowsill nearest your bed, then point a fan at it to maximize its cooling effects. Moreover, you can even create your own air conditioner with a few simple materials!

Step 7: Make Use of Shade Structures:

If possible, try to create some shade structures outside your windows, such as awnings or even trees. These can prevent direct sunlight from entering your bedroom, which can help keep it cooler. Ensure that you use breathable materials that won’t trap in heat.

Step 8: Paint Your Walls Light Colors:

Darker colors tend to absorb more heat, so if you’re painting the walls of your upstairs bedroom, go with lighter shades to keep things cool. There are even some specialty paints with reflective materials in them that can help further regulate the temperature inside your home. It’s a great way to keep things cool and make your room look great at the same time!

Step 9: Close Your Doors at Night:

Make sure that all the doors in your house are closed before going to sleep in order to trap any cool air in the room and prevent warm air from coming in. This will help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Remember to open them up in the morning to let out any heat.

Step 10: Keep Things Clean and Organized:

Finally, make sure that you keep everything clean and organized! Dust or dirt particles can accumulate over time and act as insulation, trapping heat in the room. Keeping everything clean will help keep your bedroom cool throughout the summer months.

Everything Clean Will Help Keep Your Bedroom

Following these simple steps can help ensure that your upstairs bedroom stays nice and comfortable during those hot summer days! With a few tools and some basic know-how, you’ll be able to keep things cool even on the hottest days. Good luck!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. If you can’t afford to purchase an air conditioner, try using a wet sheet in front of your fan. The air passing through the damp sheet will be much cooler than dry air.
  2. Install a ceiling fan in the bedroom to help circulate air throughout the room. If your fan has a reverse setting, make sure to use it during the winter months to help warm up the room.
  3. Use window fans to draw cooler air into the room from outside and push warm air out of the room, if applicable.
  4. Keep your curtains or blinds closed during the day to reduce the amount of sunlight entering the room.
  5. Try using light colored bedding and window treatments to reflect sunlight away from your bedroom, helping keep it cooler during hotter months.

By following these tips and tricks, you can easily keep your upstairs bedroom nice and cool all year round! 

6 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t use space heaters or other heating appliances in the bedroom, as this will only make it more difficult to cool off.
  2. Avoid using heavy curtains and drapery that could trap hot air from outside.
  3. Don’t open windows at night if you live in a warmer area; this can let in warm air that will stay trapped in the room until morning.
  4. Avoid keeping electronic devices like computers or TVs on for extended periods, as they generate heat which can make your bedroom even hotter!
  5. Avoid leaving lights on during the day, as this can add additional warmth to your bedroom space.

6. Lastly, avoid cooking in the bedroom, as this can produce additional heat, making it difficult to cool off.

Avoid Cooking in the Bedroom

You can easily keep your upstairs bedroom cool and comfortable by avoiding these common mistakes! Have fun and stay cool this summer.

Why is Your Bedroom So Hot at Night?

There are several reasons why your bedroom might be so hot at night. Some of the most common include:

  1. Poor ventilation or air circulation in the room
  2. Being too close to a heat source like an oven, fireplace, or heating vent
  3. Too many blankets and sheets trapping heat
  4. Sun exposure throughout the day warming up walls and flooring
  5. Poor insulation allowing heat from outside to enter your bedroom space

By addressing these issues, you can help keep your bedroom cool even on those hot summer nights! With proper ventilation, adequate insulation, and sun-blocking windows, you’ll surely have a much more comfortable sleep environment during the warmer months.


Cooling off a second floor bedroom on hot summer days and nights doesn’t have to be a constant challenge. There are many ways, such as adding insulation or updating windows, that can make your bedroom more comfortable without breaking the bank.

If price isn’t an issue, you might want to think about installing an air conditioner, which would be the most effective way of cooling down a room. Further measures can also be taken, such as keeping the blinds closed during the day and investing in a HEPA filter for the air in your upstairs room.

Additionally, incorporating some crafty DIY items, like hanging fabric drapes around doors and windows to provide shade from direct sunlight, can help keep your room cool and comfortable during those hotter times of the year.

Hopefully, the article on how to cool off upstairs bedroom has provided you with some useful tips and tricks to help you beat the heat this summer. So why not get creative or invest in cheap solutions this summer- with just a bit of effort, you can find ways to cool off your upstairs bedroom!

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